What is the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project?

The Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project is a water supply project that will actively manage the groundwater basin underlying a portion of the Cadiz and Fenner Valleys in California’s Mojave Desert, to conserve renewable native groundwater that would otherwise be lost to evaporation and create a new reliable water supply for Southern California. The Project will be implemented in two phases. Read more…


Latest News

Board Receives Cadiz Project Updates at January Meeting

February 5, 2019 – At the January meeting of the Fenner Valley Water Authority (FVWA) Board two experts presented updated analyses of Cadiz Water Project technical and hydrological features as part of the Board’s responsibility for pre-Project operations. A presentation by Lee Odell, P.E., of Jacobs Engineering, described successful results of pilot water treatment testing at the Project area. Dr. David K. Kreamer, a groundwater quality and chemistry professor at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, delivered his assessment of recent reports about Mojave Desert springs in the upper elevations of the watershed tributary to the Project area.

Last year, differing studies were produced on Mojave Desert springs with one set alleging a potential connection between springs and the aquifer at Cadiz, based on water chemistry testing, and the other supporting no potential connection based on geological assessments. At the request of FVWA and SMWD, Dr. Kreamer reviewed the papers and presented his analysis. Dr. Kreamer’s two papers outline a number of factors contributing to inconsistencies and deficiencies in the studies that allege a onnection, including methodological errors. “The conclusions reached by the authors are seriously flawed,” he told the Board, and summarized that the findings of the EIR and geological studies present the more reasonable conclusion.

Both reports are available here: https://www.fvwa.org/studies/

Fenner Valley Water Authority and Cadiz Inc. establish $5 million fund for water quality investments in disadvantaged communities

October 5, 2018 – The Fenner Valley Water Authority (“FVWA”) today announced the creation of a $5 Million fund, the Southern California Clean Water Fund (“Clean Water Fund” or “SCCWF”), dedicated to aiding small water systems that are pursuing water quality improvements in Southern California. The Clean Water Fund will be underwritten by Cadiz Inc. which is developing the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project, a public-private partnership to increase Southern California’s reliable water supplies by conserving groundwater presently lost to evaporation in eastern San Bernardino County.  Read the complete press release.

Phase One:


(1 acre-foot = 326,000 gallons)

Phase Two:


Store up to 1 million acre-feet
of imported water in wet years